ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC)

Thailand Furniture Industry Club (TFIC) officially took over the role of AFIC Chairman, Secretary General and Secretariat for the next 2 years from 2010 – 2012, becoming one of the leading organizations in the global furniture industry. As ASEAN is stepping toward the single ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, ASEAN is uniting a population of 700 million people with the GDP value of 2.7 trillion US dollars. This creates enormous opportunities and great challenges to all ASEAN furniture industry players. AFIC is positioned to assist all members to overcome trade barriers, create knowledge sharing and transferring, promote strong collaboration among intra-ASEAN member countries, while all members can gain benefit from AFIC through active participation.

ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC)

ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC) is a regional trade organization with the primary objectives of promoting the interests of the ASEAN furniture industries. It was established in 1978 by 5 founded member countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

AFIC is a civil society organization (CSO) and is a non-profit making association. AFIC was founded to promote, and strengthen ties within the ASEAN furniture industry in accordance with the aims and objectives of ASEAN cooperation in the political, economic and social arenas. AFIC performs functions and activities that are governmental or quasi-governmental in nature but are not part of the formal structure of ASEAN.

Role of AFIC

•  To identify and propose projects that promotes the common interests of AFIC members and drives and implements projects approved by the AFIC Board.

•  To actively make recommendations on trade incentives and measures to benefit the ASEAN furniture industries, in order to further accelerate and harmonize the growth and progress of the furniture and fixture industries regionally.

AFIC Members

AFIC currently comprises constituent members that represent the furniture industries of each ASEAN country and are certified by their respective ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industries or its equivalent. Current AFIC members are: ASMINDO (Indonesia), Malaysian Furniture Industry Council (Malaysia), Myanmar Forest Products and Timber Merchants Association (Myanmar), Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (Philippines), Singapore Furniture Industries Council (Singapore), and Thai Furniture Industry Club - Federation of Thai Industries (Thailand). Handicraft and Wood Industry Association (HAWA) from Vietnam has recently joined AFIC as an Affiliate Member.

AFIC Mission and Vision

AFIC leaders are committed to promoting joint intra-ASEAN cooperation projects and strategic alliances aggressively. The path for AFIC is set to accomplish and become the leading force in international furniture stage. The key vision is to work with the respective AFIC furniture designers who are capable of designing creative, innovative, ecological friendly and more value created furniture for the entire ASEAN furniture industries.

AFIC Commitment

AFIC is committed to provide strong collaboration among ASEAN members under the changing environment and actively encourages joint marketing efforts and projects to increase total intra-ASEAN furniture trade. AFIC targets not only mass market, but also niches buyers, especially retail and contract buyers. Expanding from the traditional ways of selling to manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, AFIC manufacturing capabilities could serve specific market needs offering more product variety and customization, build stronger relationship with growing number of retailers and contract design buyers in high growth markets worldwide.

AFIC is also committed towards becoming the learning organization by promoting knowledge management within the region. The knowledge sharing and transferring is the key to enhance the core capabilities of the ASEAN furniture industry, stepping away from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) to OBM (Own Brand Manufacturing) and ODM (Own Design Manufacturing) so as to create more value to the whole furniture supply chain.

Aside from issues above, AFIC takes the lead by working with its member countries to further enhance and develop collaboration in furniture trade shows in the ASEAN region. All shows are scheduled into March in order to facilitate business trip planning for buyers. AFIC also co-ordinates the joint advertising efforts of March show circuit in renowned international publications.

AFIC Future

Thailand, as the new AFIC Chairman and Secretary General for next 2 years, will strive to make AFIC more functional and serve as a gateway to international buyers sourcing for furniture in ASEAN region. AFIC will embark on a new era of closer contacts and collaboration among its members; helping to accelerate intra-ASEAN furniture trade and investment; providing opportunities to forge partnership among AFIC members to tap into each other's complementary strength; encouraging, assisting and facilitating out-sourcing within its members; and serving as a conduit and link for its members to share information, expertise and technologies. The AFIC member countries will be the most prominent and reliable source of supply for furniture and accessories to the world for the next century and beyond.


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