Getting to Know TCDC ( Thailand Creative & Design Center )

Dance with your imagination and change your life.”

The power of technology has completely changed the way we consume products and conduct businesses. Today, the market is full of contenders with similar production capability. Consumers are getting ever smarter thanks to easy access to news and information. Competitiveness no longer depends upon the abundance of natural resources and traditional factors of production, but rather the ability to analyse the circumstance and to choose the most effective factors of production. In other words, competitiveness can only be driven by the ability to be “creative”.

Consequently, countries with great economic potential are those capable of recognising the changing reality and restructuring their economic system into “Creative Economy”, in which entrepreneurs combine knowledge and skills with creativity to develop products and services with “value” and “benefit” that can fulfill consumer needs in global markets.

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) operates under the O ffice of Knowledge Management and Development, O ffice of the Prime Minister. Since its opening in 2005, TCDC is committed to develop “people” whose creativity and understanding in the value of their own culture, society, and global situation will enable them to create value in their products and services.

As Thailand 's premier design and creativity resource center, TCDC provides comprehensive knowledge conducive to trigger creative thinking and awareness in design value. From exhibitions, lectures and workshops, to research facility development, these activities educate, entertain and provide experiences that will lead to imaginative thinking based on well-rounded knowledge.

TCDC Services

Exhibitions - The exhibition area designed to international museum standards is divided into two galleries. The 300 m 2 Permanent Exhibition gallery, currently hosts “What is Design?”, explores the social, cultural, economic, and political contexts of 10 countries famed for their innovative design while illustrating the changes in consumer behaviour throughout modern history. The 500 m 2 Temporary Exhibition gallery presents exhibitions by TCDC and collaborating institutions to foster design knowledge and inspiration.

TCDC Resource Center :

O ne of Asia's largest design libraries, TCDC Resource Center houses over 25,000 volumes in print and multimedia, offering not only design-related information and news but also social, cultural, economic, and political issues from around the world. The center provides reading rooms, multimedia rooms, online databases, and weekend live music performances, and more.

Material ConneXion? Bangkok

Asia 's first branch of Material ConneXion ? offers designers, students and manufacturers the chance to explore innovative materials used by leading international designers. Material ConneXion ? contains over 4,500 material samples to keep members abreast of latest innovations.

mini TCDC: A learning center for regional creativity

Housed in 13 regional universities, mini TCDC offers a 200-book design library which will be rotated and exchanged every semester , an access to material database and material samples, along with rotating mini-exhibitions, lectures and seminars.

Creative Thinking and Design Network & Business Fostering Ground

Manufacturers and entrepreneurs are integral to the actualisation of designers' works. TCDC brings them together to co-develop quality products and services. It also provides a forum for international and Thai entrepreneurs and designers to share experiences and find inspiration from each other. This dialogue helps establishing a creative network that is one of the keys to sustainable success.


Here you can find all design news and information that matter, from global market movement, latest innovations and consumer trends, creative business management, to rules and regulations that will affect design and business practice, as well as intellectual property management and protection. The website empowers Thai entrepreneurs and designers to create globally competitive products and services and provides learning resources for students and the general public.


The Shop@TCDC

The Shop@TCDC opens up the world of creative design with hand-picked products and design objects from Thai designers and around the world that express creativity, functionality, and innovative production techniques.

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC)

6 th Fl. The Emporium Shopping Complex

662 Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel. (66) 2 664 7667

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday)

10.30 a.m. – 9.00
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