Quality Development for Thai Furniture Industry

     Thai Furniture Industry has been continuously developed for the last several decades from local style to the internal style which are smoothly form and function. Their design include raw material and oriental Thai Style that cannot find anywhere in the world. The quality of wooden furniture is very neat and used to be accepted by Japan that is known as the most strictly controlled for quality in the world. Currently Thailand implemented quality assurance policy in their production, all the goods from factory have to pass the customer requirement standard or ISO which is widely accepted by government and private sector. By this process, Thai Furniture product will be higher price than those from some countries but if customers compare for quality with low quality products they will realize that our products are value for money, anyway they are still more competitive than those from European of USA.

      Row materials, to use, are not only from local teak wood, Rubber wood but also include the imported Oak, Beech, Birch, Ash , Mahogany etc. which make more varieties of choices and can be mixed with between different material such as metal and wood, wood and rock etc.

      Ministry of Industry has set up the strategic plan for development of furniture industry to increase and develop man power in the shortage sectors, to provide experienced persons to transfer the technology to Thai people. To support R&D, newly innovative technology and leverage between the skilled and unskilled labor, develop the designers and support the university to provide the course in Technology and design. Create the networking of co-operation between private sectors and related department and to support the idea of cluster to increase the level of international standard.

      Furniture and composite Industries Division is the organization in control of Bureau of Industrial Sector Development, Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry which is government department that provide promotion, support Thai furniture for long time ago. Their activities are included:

  • To provide data information for technology, investment of furniture industry.
  • To have R&D for technology development to use in local furniture industry.
  • To give advise and consultant to improve production processes, manage & plan lay-out, increase productivity and product development
  • To provide workshop, seminar for development workforces from operator to management
  • To provide analysis, testing for durability, stability & safety for furniture factories in Thailand and design to improve production level to ensure product quality
  • To support the use of resource & production which are friendly to the environmental such as the FSC from man-made forest, clean Technology and Green Technology etc.
  • To develop the jointly of investor group as cluster for exchange of knowledges and experience.

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